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History of Enthedrill Empty History of Enthedrill

Post by Crucifix on Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:02 pm

Back when the world was first filled with intelligent life, it was divided into seven nations. These nations, each with their own unique races, established themselves and thrived in harmony. But when The Archdemon rose to power in Ferea, he united the demons and fallens and took over Beathious. He soon amassed an army that could rival any of its neighbors. The fearsome nation ignited a war that lasted for a millenia.

When God saw what was happening, he created the Archangels and sent them to lead a force against them. It was a quick defeat for the Archdemon. Shamed and defeated, the Archdemon retreated to his home of Beathious and reigned for several more years before he passed on. Many have taken his place since then, but none tried the daring feat he did. Many rulers looked up to his foolhardiness. He was a good leader, but a foul creature.

A few thousand years after, the seven nations thrived once again in peace. Many hear rumors of a war that's being planned, but nothing is certain. Everyone sighs a quick breathe of relief for the peace they have now, but keeps a whether eye on the horizon. The inhabitants of Enthedrill stay ever cautious.

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