Finding a new dicipline.

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Finding a new dicipline. Empty Finding a new dicipline.

Post by KU7 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:14 pm

(This thread is to boost character roster and the fact the other thread is being held up. Characters can not be the same as those in any other thread.)

Son walked down the crowded streets of New Haven dressed in a purple gi, he couldn't have looked more out of place, nor could he have felt more he didn't like cities, but he was interested in seeing wether there were any martial arts he had not already mastered being taught in the city. And who knows maybe there was something more important, information maybe he could find the Fallen who killed his family and done who knows what to his brother, but he doubted it why would he ever visit a pit, like this. He walked through a side street, wondering where to start looking for a dojo.

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