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Post by KU7 on Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:00 pm

Vampire biology-Vampires until they reach maturity, which usually takes place at about 20, age at a human span and are virtually identical to humans, except they posses a savage beauty which both frightens and pleases humans, but after they reach maturity they will go into an incubation period and will awake a full fledged vampire, the may have changed appearence wise and will be more powerful, most vampires when they go through the first incubaion period, often wake up with a "dark gift" an individual power which widely varies between each individual vampire, as they evolve more this gift will grow and their appearence will most likely change. After this time blood becomes essential to survival but more so to these incubation periods, vampires who don't feed regularly will not evolve as often and not to the same extent as those who do so. Vampires must still sleep, and contrary to popular belief the sun does not harm them but they do not function as well in it as they do at night, and they must still eat and drink failure to do so will kill them quicker than failure to feed on blood, vampires have very acute senses particuarly smell, so onions and garlic can render them unconscious due to the strong smell, They can regenerate from almost any non-fatal wound, and they heal quicker than humans, but serious wounds can take decades sometimes centuries to heal, such as losing their legs.

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